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With over 20 years of experience and expertise in the industry, CLEAN WELL is one of the mid-sized cleaning and maintenance service company in dubai.

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Best Maintenance Company in Dubai

A Promise to deliver practical, cost effective, efficient and sustainable facility maintenance services, solutions and supplies to all types of facilities that adds value to the facilities, owners and users.

We provide complete maintenance, improvement and management for your home, office and business with a reputation based on quality, reliability and value for money we work hard to keep our customers happy.

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20 Years Experience

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House Cleaning

Book a professional home cleaning service in Dubai with just a few clicks. We all lead busy lives in Dubai, and finding time to keep our homes tidy can be quite stressful.

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Office Cleaning

we guarantee that we can perform a deep, thorough cleansing of your office at rapid pace, thus saving you on down time that would cost your company money! We offer office cleaning services in Singapore for both single session and on a regular basis

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Pest Control

Clear your Apartment of unwanted pests with an effective treatment in just 45 minutes
Our professionals will bring all necessary materials for the treatment.
Municipality approved, safe & odorless chemicals.

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Carpet Cleaning

We all know that carpets are beautiful decorations for our home, however, it can maybe a pain for us to clean.  That’s why; Clean Well offers affordable carpet shampooing and sofa cleaning services in Dubai.

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Water Tank Cleaning

Our cleaning service starts with draining all the water from your tank followed by a deep scrubbing and sanitization of the interior of your water tank. the service will get rid of any residue, algae or bacteria lodged in the tank. 

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Window Cleaning

A professional window cleaning service in dubai can help you stay on top of the grime and ensure that your windows stay clear all year round.

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Giving absolutely 100% in all our cleaning and maintenance projects.

That’s what we do best.

Experienced Staff

Our team is reliable, well-trained, honest and professional crew with a background check done thoroughly.


We care for the environment. Our cleaning materials and products are of high quality, eco-friendly and non-toxic. Sustainability is our motto.

Fast Service

You can avail our service on the same day of booking or a future day as you prefer

Best Equipment

We are expertise in the field and thus have all the latest equipment as well as facilities made ready to work on the go!

customer reviews

Happy Client Says About
Our Company

“Dear Clean Well Team, I Would like to commend your staff for an excellent job last saturday cleaning my home. they even staye beyond the required 4 hours to complete the task and i would like to experss my compliments to their hard work and professional attitude!”

Lee Dalmeida


Get a comprehensive list of maintenance tips and checklists for your space

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we’d be happy to help.

Is the service available all over UAE?

No, currently this service is available only for Dubai residents.

How to get started?

Booking a service online is great for simple home services that you need right away, like any service for maintenance, a thorough clean of your home, or an apartment. All you have to do is fill out a short form, select the date and time for the service, choose the right package, and you’re all set. We will then make sure we send one of our highest rated technician to deliver the service to you. Job done!

Adjust a schedule for cleaning?

yes, you can adjust the schedule for any service you book with us, 

Any money return guarenty for unsatisfy service?

Every job we do is 100 satisfaction guaranteed, if you feel any thing overlooked let us know the same day so that we can reschedule the follow-up job with in the same day the request has to be made so that we can send our crew based on schedules.

Need a pricing plan..

sure, choose the “Get Quotes” option if you’re the type of person who wants to compare rates before they buy, or if you have a large task at hand, like a business service. The “Get Quotes” option allows you to get custom quotes based on your requirements from our company.

What if something broken during clean?

Our crew is trained to handle every thing smoothly, Don’t worry we are insured 


Quality is a priority when it comes to your home

You favour value-for-money over cheap


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Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts. Separated they live in Bookmarksgrove right at the coast