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As the majority of ant species prefer sunny climes, our climate is very suitable for many of them. The few species found here can be a nuisance when they get into your home. Garden or Black ants aren’t thought to carry diseases, the trouble is you don’t know where they’ve been foraging outside, so you won’t want them marching through your food cupboards. Ants will travel in a wide range searching for food, following trails they have established and clustering around the source of food, becoming a nuisance in homes, organisations and businesses. Small piles of earth around holes in soil and at the base of exterior walls indicate their origin. 

  • Track down where they are coming in and seal off the entry point 
  • Clear up any sticky residues on worktops, because ants are attracted to sweet things 
  • Cover up any foodstuffs which could be a food source for ants 

If you are still having trouble with the little pests, then you can call on the experts. Our external Ant Bait Station uses the ants roaming instinct to it’s advantage, providing an insecticide bait which they eat and take back to the nest – effectively eliminating the colony. The tamper resistant lid allows it to be used safely in areas used by children and pets.

FACT: Some birds, like Jays, spread their wings on an ant’s nest to get ants in their feathers. It is thought that this is because the ants squirt formic acid that gets rid of bird parasites.

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If you have a large or persistent problem with ants you can rely on our expert pest controllers to clear it up.

Our externally validated Technicians offer methods of ant control that are targeted to specific species. They can solve the problem quickly and, needless to say, they’re perfectly safe for your family and pets.

Call Clean Well and we’ll arrange for ant control that’s tailored to your specific problem.

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High hygiene standards are essential for any company that stores food and water. That means being ant free.Find out how Clean Well can deal with your infestation fast!

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