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Kitchen Hood Cleaning

The commercial kitchen hood is the central hub of the interior exhaust system, and it houses many of the other important components of the ventilation mechanism. It generally sits directly above the cooking area, in order to catch as much smoke and debris as possible coming from the surface.

Solutions for Commercial Kitchens

While no system or process can completely eliminate the risk of fire, proper kitchen exhaust cleaning eliminates the fuel load and keeps your system maintained such that any fire that may occur can be properly contained and extinguished without risking life and property. Our kitchen exhaust cleaning services ensure that your commercial kitchen’s ventilation system is always in check.

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The Effect of Grease in Your Kitchen Systems

While you are cooking, heat, smoke, and grease-laden vapors are pulled out of your restaurant through your kitchen hood exhaust system. This system directs the vapors into your hood, through your vent hood filters, and into ductwork traveling through your building to your exhaust fan on the roof where it can safely exit your building. These vapors contain flammable residue including grease and oils which can provide fuel for a fire. These fires can quickly spread into the attic and spaces in your building not protected by fire suppression systems, resulting in catastrophic damage.

Taking Measures to Prevent Fires and Improve Your Bottom Line

The danger of collected flammables is invisible when looking at your hood system from the kitchen. We make those invisible areas easy for you to see though our picture perfect photo documentation system. A shiny hood in the kitchen after cleaning does not mean those hard to reach and even harder to see areas have been properly cleaned. At Clean Well, we make certain that every area of your system is accessed so you can trust that the work we promise is always the work we provide.

Clean Well is different from many other providers in that we pride ourselves in cleaning the entire system every service. While many companies may claim to provide the same level of quality, we take the extra steps to ensure that from the initial inspection of your system our clients are assured of a complete cleaning service including the hood, all of the connecting ductwork, as well as the fan unit or pollution control unit that carries those unwanted vapors out of your facility.

Service That Sets Us Apart

Our team of trained and certified technicians clean your entire system and document our cleaning with photographic evidence to ensure that your exhaust system is properly maintained. Our experts will recommend proper cleaning frequencies using specialized tools and equipment to measure the level of flammable residue in your systems, and report back to you on any conditions that may compromise the safe operation of the kitchen exhaust system in your facility.

By selecting Clean Well as your exhaust hood system cleaning provider, you can be certain you have made the best decision for your facility, your employees, and your customers.


Kitchen hood cleaning can also help reduce fuel loads by making the kitchen units run efficiently. We provide deep cleaning for ductless and ducted kitchen hoods. Similar to how HVAC systems need AC duct cleaning, extractor hoods in the kitchen also need maintenance. Having your cooking area cleaned at regular intervals from any expert kitchen duct cleaning companies in Dubai, Clean Well can be beneficial the following way:

Improve Kitchen Hygiene

Grease and oily substances inside the kitchen vents may cause the accumulation of dirt and debris. Professional ductwork cleaners will ensure these hidden spots are deeply cleaned and help you maintain the cooking spaces hygienic and safe.

Avoid Risk of Fires

The excessive grease build-up inside the ducts due to lack of proper kitchen hood cleaning can serve as an easy spot to catch fire, and it can cause further damage by spreading to other areas through the ventilation system.

Compliance to Kitchen Safety Protocols

Maintenance of the kitchen extraction system through kitchen duct cleaning services is mandated by law in Dubai, failing which the business will have to bear penalties.

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